Monkey Sports Custom Hockey Jerseys

Monkey Sports Irvine, 1962 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, CA

Monkey Sports Irvine, 1962 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, CA

By Michael Walters

Have you bought a NHL Jersey that you weren’t satisfied with?

I have bought jerseys in the past from and local team stores to end up being disappointed. A little over a year ago I was referred to Monkey Sports by some hockey jersey enthusiasts. Since then I have been going regularly to the local superstore in Irvine, CA or Goalie Monkey in Santa Ana, CA. I only go to these stores for several reasons. The cost of a customization is less expensive than and the Anaheim Ducks team store. The turn around on a jersey is usually two to three weeks. Monkey Sports will also strip any jersey you have and put a new name or numbers on it or leave it blank if you wish.

Here is a comparison of Monkey Sports to the Anaheim Ducks Team Store and store when looking to customize an Anaheim Ducks jersey.

Monkey Sports Anaheim Team Store
Cost Stitched $49.98 w/o name plate $69.98 w/ name plate just like official jerseys worn by players $100 heat press for any current player name  *For your name the cost is determined by the amount of letters/numbers used. $184.95 flat cost (Includes jersey)
Options Any player name (Current or Retired), your name, or any saying you want Only any current player name or your name Any player name or your name
Quality Official on ice letters/numbers, correct colors Official on ice letters/numbers, correct colors Correct colors, but letters/numbers are a thin material
How Applied Sewn tackle twill in jersey Heat Press Heat Press

The main reasons I like Monkey Sports is it is less expensive, official, and you can put any player name(current or retired) or saying you want on the jersey. (See picture below). and the team store won’t let you put on custom phrases or sayings. The biggest problem with is the letters/numbers are made with a thin cheap material. They are also applied with a heat press and not sewn in the jersey. The Anaheim Ducks team store has improved the quality of the letters and numbers, but they only heat press the numbers and letters. The inner color of the letter/numbers by Monkey Sports are cleaner looking with no stitching showing. Look below for the difference.

Left: Monkey Sports Right: Ducks Team Store

Left: Monkey Sports/Right: Ducks Team Store

I know some of you may think the slight difference in stitching is not a big deal. However when you wash a heat press jersey the letters and numbers can peel or completely fall off. A stitched jersey is not only official, but much safer to wash without damage. Monkey Sports is the best option because it costs less regardless what customization option you choose. You can also customize the jersey with any phrase or player name you want (current or retired). The Ducks team store will not do retired players. Also you can get a replica home or away blank Ducks jersey for $129.99 plus tax at any Monkey Sports store. At the Ducks team store they run for $161.99 plus tax.

So a replica customized official jersey stitched at Monkey Sports will cost you $199.98 plus tax. A replica customized official player jersey stitched at the Ducks team store will cost you $261.99 plus tax. And if you decide to do your name at the Ducks team store the cost is likely to be higher than $261.99 unless you do a single digit jersey.

It’s your money, but I rather save myself the $61 and go to Monkey Sports. The Ducks team store also can’t do symbols like the hash tag symbol “#” used on Twitter. The main advantage the Ducks team store has is they can customize a jersey the same day if you go to a game and order before the contest. Monkey Sports and Goalie Monkey, usually take 7-10 days, but I rather wait for the better quality and save $61.

Don’t get me wrong, I like and the Anaheim Ducks team store for regular merchandise and blank hockey jerseys. I just won’t customize a jersey at either one. If you don’t live local in southern California, then visit Monkey Sports websites. Monkey Sports Irvine or Goalie Monkey.  You can order jerseys for others teams too beside the Ducks and have them customize it for you through the internet!

At the end of last season I went to Goalie Monkey in Santa Ana, which is also owned by Monkey Sports. They did the new style Ducks jerseys with the #DUCKSNPUCKS hash tag on both. I am very happy with their work!

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