Getzlaf/Perry vs Toews/Kane


By Eddy Jones

Two of the leagues dynamic duos square off in this Head to Head comparison. Okay just let me prepare my fight night ring announcer voice.

In the orange corner, weighing in at a combined 433 lbs, which may or may not be Dustin Byfuglien‘s current weight, the Twins, Corey “McScorey” Perry and Ryan “Baldy” Getzlaf.

In the red corner, weighing in at a combined 391 lbs, not counting Patrick Kane‘s ego, Jonathan “Captain Serious” Toews and Patrick “The Hat-trick” Kane.

Alright alright enough of the jokes, time to get to some serious analysis.

Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry

Both Getzlaf and Perry were drafted in the 2003 NHL entry draft by the Anaheim Ducks. Getzlaf being selected 19th overall and Perry selected 28th overall. Both made their debut appearances in the 2005-2006 NHL season. Getzlaf would put up 39 points in 57 games while Perry would put up 25 points in 56 games.

Since than Perry has managed to accumulate 547 points in 655 career games which amounts to 0.835 Points per Game while Getzlaf has managed to put up 608 points in 633 career games which amounts to 0.961 Points per Game.

The pair have brought one Stanley Cup championship to the city of Anaheim in their 9 seasons with the team.

Perry has won a Hart Memorial Trophy as well as Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy for his 50 goal, 98 point season in 2010-2011.

Their playoff numbers are very similar to the numbers they were able to put up during the regular season. Perry has 56 points in 74 playoffs game and Getzlaf has 74 points in 81 playoff games.

Something that has become a staple to both their games, especially Perry, is their physical and pestering play. It has made them a very difficult line for many teams to match up with. Perry has amounted 801 penalty minutes over his 655 game NHL career. This puts him at an average of 1.22 PIMs per game. Getzlaf, on the other hand, has amounted 564 PIMs over his 633 game NHL career. This puts him at an average of 0.891 PIMs per game.

To bring in a stat that many haven’t heard of, but can be a significant factor in deciding these head to head comparisons is the percentage of offensive zone starts. Looking at the 2013-2014 stats, Perry had 50.3 % of his zone starts in the offensive zone while Getzlaf had 48.5 % starts in the offensive zone. These number will mean more when comparing them with Kane and Toews.

Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews

Jonathan Toews was drafted 3rd overall in the 2006 NHL draft while Patrick Kane was drafted 1st overall in the 2007 NHL Draft. Both made their debuts in the 2007-2008 NHL season. Kane would put up 72 points in 82 games while Toews would put up 54 points in 64 games.

Since then Kane has managed to accumulate 493 points in 515 career games which amounts to 0.957 Points per Game while Toews has managed to put up 440 points in 484 career games which amounts to 0.909 Points per Game.

The pair, while not always playing on the same line, have brought two Stanley Cup championships to the city of Chicago in their 7 seasons with the team. As well, Toews won the Conn Smythe in 2009-2010 while Kane won the Conn Smythe in 2012-2013.

Kane won the Calder Memorial Trophy in 2008 and Toews won the Frank J. Selke Trophy in 2013.

Both have had extremely productive playoffs careers. Kane has managed to put up 91 points in 93 games while Toews has accumulated 81 points in 94 playoff games played.

Looking at the 2013-2014 offensive zone starts, Kane had 69.8 % of his zone starts in the offensive zone while Toews had 63.9 % starts in the offensive zone.

Verdict and Comparison

I easily could’ve gone on-and-on comparing different stats but I feel I have covered the major ones that needed covering and I have a general overview of each player.

First, it is obvious that Toews and Kane have a slight edge in points per game over The Twins. Although Getzlaf leads the pack, Perry falls significantly behind. This can be seen similarly with their playoff numbers.

To continue, while being in the NHL for two less seasons, Kane and Toews have played more post season hockey then The Twins as well as winning one more cup along the way. To be fair in this assessment winning a Championship is a team accomplishment. However, in both wins for the Blackhawks, Kane or Toews have been Conn Smythe winners.

The physical nature of Getzlaf and Perry’s play shows that they may have a more complete game compared to Kane and Toews. Although Toews has won a Selke Trophy in recent years, Kane seems to focus more on the offensive side of the game.

Now to move on to the stat which I think significantly helps decide this Head to Head. Kane and Toews have had significantly more offensive zone starts compared to Getzlaf and Perry. Now according to; “It certainly appears that you can pump up a player’s offensive stats with more offensive zone time. That is, it’s not simply that better offensive players get more OZone starts, but that the favorable zone starts do indeed affect a player’s point total.” If this is to be taken as true then the numbers put up by Kane and Toews could be considered inflated. Which would result in us having to focus more on the complete game of the pairings.

So in my opinion, all allegiances aside, Getzlaf and Perry are the better duo at this point in time. It is by a slim margin but since we are comparing the overall game of each pairing then Getzlaf and Perry get the slight edge. This is because along with the scoring that both duos provide, Getzlaf and Perry bring a physical and defensive side to the game that Toews and Kane as a duo just don’t provide.

Feel free to grill me in the comments or hit me up on twitter if you feel I’ve left anything out. All criticism is welcome.

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