Mighty Again 3rd Jersey Concept

Ducks 3rd Jersey Concept by Daniel Lowry

Ducks 3rd Jersey Concept by Daniel Lowry

By Daniel Lowry

Earlier this season, the Anaheim Ducks revealed a new look for the 2014-15 season, introducing new home and away jerseys. They were bold, brash, and kind of familiar incorporating a lot of influence from the team’s now retired alternate jersey. Due to similarities between the two uniforms the Ducks decided to go without a third jersey for the first time in nearly four years. With this decision Ducks fans and concept artists began to wonder would Anaheim introduce a new third jersey some time down the line and what would it look like.

Well some time ago I released a promotional video for my take on what a new alternate jersey should look like with the simple slogan mighty again.  What this teaser revealed was that the new jersey was going to bring back the original Mighty Ducks logo with an updated color scheme. Other than that not much else was revealed.

On April 7, 2015, my 3rd Jersey concept was unveiled on HockeyJerseyConcepts.com. The jersey is a synthesis of both old and new as I looked to combine elements of Anaheim’s jersey history. So let’s begin by examining what traditional aesthetics are incorporated in this concept before exploring the new. First I brought back the original logo, modified however to fit the franchise’s current color scheme. I also borrowed some design elements of Anaheim’s Stadium Series jersey including orange as the primary color and the OC patch as the team’s secondary logo. These elements pay homage to the teams history while also staying current by incorporating elements of the team’s current look thus avoiding becoming a mere Faux-Back jersey. I also utilized the team’s current font so as to better distinguish this jersey as a Ducks jersey not a Mighty Ducks jersey.

While these elements are plain and obvious as to their intent to reference various stages of the franchise’s look, there are several subtle nods to the franchise’s history as well. The arm striping for instance is a subtle nod to the striping on the team’s original eggplant and teal uniforms. The only real changes I made to the striping were to the colors and adding a change in the angle approximately half way across the arm. In addition the side/hem also acts as a nod to both the Mighty and non-Mighty Ducks eras. Their placement is meant to reflect the hem striping of their current home and away uniforms; however the stripes themselves remain straight, without curvature to better reflect the hem striping on the original Might Ducks sweaters.

Now let’s examine a couple of the new elements featured in the concept. When I was designing this uniform I wanted to add several nods to previous Ducks jerseys while at the same time adding new ideas into the team’s identity. For the first the Ducks will wear socks with angled striping as opposed to the traditional horizontal striping. Also I added a neck insert into the team’s jersey repertoire. These design elements have popular in both Nashville and Carolina’s home and away sets which allude to either the team or city’s histories. In this case the neck insert states “Mighty Since 93”, which sums up the main theme of this concept, that the Anaheim Ducks are once again Mighty. Lastly I modified the webbed D logo, added a chrome type effect and placed just above the primary logo. This acts to represent the 2007 Stanley Cup victory in a similar fashion to how soccer teams utilize stars above their crests to signify championship victories. While this is admittedly an idea similar to the L.A. Kings latest Stadium Series jersey, I thought it was a unique addition to the concept and helped tell the story of the franchise.

When I initially set off designing this new concept my goal was singular, create a new look for the Anaheim Ducks. What I ended up doing instead was creating a jersey that was not just unique to the franchise’s closet, but also told a story. A story of how a team took flight in ’93. Of how they soared, claimed the cup, and ultimately became the NHL powerhouse today. If you like this jersey or can’t stand the sight of it please give some feedback. Is this the type of jersey the Ducks should adopt as alternate? Or is it a poor imitation of the team’s already stellar look? If you enjoyed the concept please let me refer you to HockeyJerseyConcepts.com a fantastic website run by some brilliant concept artists.

There you can find amazing new concepts every day and some fabulous artist competitions. Well until the Ducks are mighty again, this is Daniel L. signing off.

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3 thoughts on “Mighty Again 3rd Jersey Concept

  1. we definitely need a third jersey, with the old logo. whether that is with the old colors, or the new colors, that depends on what Disney lets us do. Either way, we need COLOR in our jersey with our throwback logo


    • Disney has nothing to do with the team or logos anymore. When the Samueli’s bought the team they bought EVERYTHING. They can use the old logo if they want.


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