What’s Next For The Ducks?


(AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

(AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

By Michael Walters

After sweeping the Winnipeg Jets and beating the Calgary Flames in five games, the Ducks faced the Blackhawks in the Western Conference Final.

The Ducks and Blackhawks battled to seven games. The Ducks had a 3-2 advantage after five games and had two opportunities to close out the series. Unfortunately, history repeated itself for the third year in a row as the Ducks lost games six and seven just like the previous two years against Los Angeles and Detroit.

Eddy and I briefly look at the last couple games of the series. We then turn our attention to the Ducks future with free agents like Matt Beleskey and Francois Beauchemin. We discuss the Ducks strategy to signing players in the off season and the upcoming draft.

We also address several fan questions and concerns. If you want to submit a question you can always message us on Twitter or Facebook. You can also email us at ducksnpucks@usa.com. Serious hockey questions only!

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6 thoughts on “What’s Next For The Ducks?

  1. If the team makes it all the way, is it a good idea to make trades during the season to try and win or just stay with what they had? I thought the team was great before the trade, could we have have won?


    • Lilian that’s a great question. It really depends on each individual team. For some teams it can cause too much chaos in trying to find chemistry and for some teams it can work just fine. For the Ducks Murray made the right moves as he replaced players that didn’t gel with the team and brought in players that helped the team. The key for the Ducks is going to be to keep the core players together and they will have success for several years to come. The Ducks don’t need to make too many moves now.


  2. Time to make changes at the top Getzlaf and Perry need to go turn the team over to Kessler because obviously Perry and Getzlaf have already won the cup and don’t have seem to have the fire or leadership to win game 7’s.


  3. Do you think that if we keep most of this group together, we could see the Ducks right back in the WCF next season or maybe even further? Also, if I had to choose only one to bring back out of the UFA category, I would bring back Belesky. Should Beauchemin go, do you think James Wisnewski would be a great fit to replace Beauchemin.


    • If the Ducks keep the core, then they should definitely be back in the WCF next year. If Beauchemin was not to return, then Wisniewski would see a huge increase in ice time for next season. The pairings would have be arranged differently because Beach is left handed and Wiz is right handed.


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