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Ducks 3rd Jersey to Debut Officially on Oct. 16th

Ducks 3rd Jersey is set to Debut Officially on Oct. 16th

By Michael Walters

This past week Icethetics announced that they determined what the new 3rd jerseys would be for the Anaheim Ducks and Colorado Avalanche. The same day a contact of mine at Reebok said the Ducks jersey was not the official one posted. Later in the week a contact at the Ducks also didn’t confirm the jersey as official.

So what is the deal with the Ducks 3rd jersey?

There are really only three possibilities out there. First, it is the jersey exactly depicted by Icethetics or second, it’s something completely different. And lastly, maybe it’s a variation of what the actual 3rd jersey will look like. The purpose of this discussion is not to defend or challenge Icethetics. We are presenting the possibilities out there and want to hear what YOU the fans think.

It is the exact jersey:

In the past Icethetics has posted jersey concepts for most, if not all, of the NHL teams. They have a good record of posting jerseys that are either right on in terms of design or maybe slightly off when announcing they are the official team’s jersey. Usually if the design isn’t exact, then it’s pretty close to what the real deal is. So there is a good chance it could be the exact jersey.

It is a totally different design:

Reebok and the Ducks have said the 3rd jersey depicted is not the jersey. They both haven’t gone into detail though whether or not the actually jersey is slightly different or completely different. As many intelligent fans have pointed out, why would Reebok or the Ducks confirm the new jersey in any fashion. This is obviously a very good point because they are trying to keep it under the radar until October 16th. So it’s debatable that the new jersey is a completely different design.

It is a variation:

There is still the possibility that the new jersey will be some variation of what Icethetics has posted. As we pointed out they forgot about the white laces on the Ducks black home jersey for 2015-16. And as some fans pointed out it is unlikely the new jersey will have two “D” logos on the shoulders. Some fans also think the striping maybe a little different in terms of style and/or color configuration.

So what do YOU think the Ducks new 3rd jersey will look like?


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