Why The Anaheim Ducks Deserve To Host An All-Star Game

By Nick Lindsey

The 2015-16 All Star Game will be hosted by the Nashville Predators and will surely be another entertaining All Star Weekend. However, how long will it be until Anaheim and the Ducks host an All-Star Weekend of their own?

The Anaheim Ducks have never hosted one before and the only All-Star games in Anaheim were at Angel Stadium in 2010 and 1989. Honda Center does not have a bad seat in the house and the surrounding areas of Orange County are some of the nicest in the country. The last ten years around 100 million dollars have been spent to improve Honda Center.

In 2013 construction was done to create “The Grand Terrace” to make one of the nicest stadiums in the league even nicer. Also food quality and service have been improved in Honda Center to make a fan’s experience a great one. Even a new and improved team store to buy everything hockey you could ever want has been added to the stadium.

If that was not enough for the NHL to know we are ready for an All Star Weekend, the Ducks and Honda Center went all out this season by getting a huge new HD scoreboard, new security metal detectors, new ice, and new boards. They really pulled out all of their bells and whistles this year. For a summary of all the improvements please read: Honda Center Improvements

The city also built the Anaheim Regional Intermodal Transportation Center (ARTIC) across the street from Honda Center. It serves as a rail station for Amtrak intercity rail and Metrolink commuter rail, as well as a bus station utilized by the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA), Greyhound, Anaheim Resort Transit (ART), and Megabus. The ARTIC terminal is a steel-framed tubular 67,000-square-foot building. People can now travel to the ARTIC and walk to Angel Stadium or Honda Center with ease for Angel games, Duck games, and other events.

This city and this team have done more than enough to be worthy for an All-Star Weekend. Los Angeles will host the game in 2016-17. Will the Anaheim Ducks host the 2017-18 All-Star Weekend? Or will they be robbed once again? Lets all hope it is here sooner than later!

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