PETA Wants Ducks’ Stoner Suspended

Photo: USA Today, Sergei Belski

Photo: USA Today, Sergei Belski

By Michael Walters

Earlier this week the Anaheim Ducks hosted the Vancouver Canucks on Monday October 12th for their home opener. Prior to the game a group of about eight people stood outside Honda Center protesting Clayton Stoner. He faces five charges related to a 2013 bear hunt on British Columbia’s central coast. He faces two counts of knowingly making a false statement to obtain a hunting license and one count apiece of hunting without a license, hunting out of season and unlawful possession of dead wildlife.

The main issue appears to be that Stoner did not establish proper residency under the license requirements. In order to meet the requirement Canadian citizens must have a primary residence in B.C. and be physically present in B.C. for a period more than six months out of the calendar year preceding both their application for the hunt and the date of the actual hunt.

Today a letter was sent to the Ducks GM Bob Murray asking for Stoner to be suspended for the rest of the season by the group People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). “PETA is calling on the Anaheim Ducks to suspend Clayton Stoner, send him to empathy school, and show that breaking the law and abusing animals will not be tolerated in the NHL,” said Ingrid Newkirk, the president of the organization. She argues that it would be a good idea for the Ducks organization to suspend him and show that they do not tolerate players that “bend or break the law and/or are cruel to women, children, animals, or anyone else off the rink.”

Stoner denied any wrongdoing when the news of the hunt first became public in mid September. He has not commented on this incident since then.

Current Legal Status:

Stoner was due to appear in a Canadian court on October 9th. His appearance has been continued to November 13th.

Sources: Vancouver Sun and ESPN

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  1. Much like Walter Palmer, Clayton Stoner is now one of the most reviled men on the planet. A recent poll showed that 87% of British Columbians oppose the killing of grizzly bears. And a recent Stanford University study proved that bear-viewing is generating 27 times more employment and 12 times more visitor revenue than the trophy hunt. The trophy hunt is about a desire to kill, plain and simple. Source:

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