Do The Ducks Need To Make Another Trade?

Photo: Gary A. Vasquez-USA Today

Photo: Gary A. Vasquez-USA Today

By Drew Ericsen

Over the past couple of months there have been many different trade rumors floating around regarding the Anaheim Ducks. As the season progressed further we saw what seemed to be two “lower end” trades occurred in the acquisitions of both David Perron and Ryan Garbutt.

1. David Perron Trade

As of today, David Perron has played 7 games with the Anaheim Ducks. In these 7 games he has tallied 3 goals and 5 assists for a total of 8 points. He is also currently sporting a +7 as a Duck. Carl Hagelin, whom Anaheim traded away in order to obtain Perron, is also doing quite well with his new team, the Pittsburgh Penguins. In his 7 games with the Penguins, Hagelin has put up 0 goals and 5 assists for a total of 5 points. He also is carrying a +/- of +1. Both players seem to really be doing well with the play style of the two teams, specifically David Perron. Perron already has almost as many goals in 7 games with the Ducks as he had in 43 games with the Penguins. It seems that the now veteran, Perron, is feeling reinvigorated as a player, and is on track to have a fantastic end to his season. This trade worked amazingly for the Anaheim Ducks so far.

2. Ryan Garbutt Trade

The trade for Ryan Garbutt was clearly a move to get back to the physical roots of Ducks hockey by Bob Murray. Not only has Garbutt provided some excellent play along the boards, but he has seemed to pick up a little knack for scoring goals as well. In 5 games with the Ducks, Garbutt has put up 2 goals and 1 assist for a total of 3 points. He is also carrying a +/- of +1. For Garbutt the Ducks only had to give up Jiri Sekac, who has played 2 games with the Chicago Blackhawks, has 0 points, and a +/- of -1. The Ducks absolutely won this trade. While they did give up a guy with potential, they gained someone who really brought the team back to its physical roots, which is exactly where they need to be.

3. Do the Ducks Need To Make Another Move?

With the recent success of the Ducks, this is a question that has been popping up quite a bit. Before the current six game winning streak many would have said absolutely, but now it is a much tougher question. The Ducks certainly do have the potential to move someone, whether it be one out of the plethora of very good defensemen on the team, or even Frederik Andersen, who becomes an restricted free agent at the end of the season, unlikely to sign again with the Ducks. The problem with not trading Andersen is that the Ducks may not receive anything or less in return for him come the end of the season. An argument for the trade of Andersen is that we do have Anton Khudobin who while not as good as Andersen, could be a very good backup to John Gibson. Of course, a counter to trading Andersen is that it certainly would be nice to have the option of riding the hot hand if the Ducks are to make it to the playoffs. Another thing to note is that the Ducks have the NHL-ready Shea Theodore waiting to be called back up in the AHL. Anaheim could very well dump a defenseman like Sami Vatanen (which has been rumored), pick up another good winger, and bring up Theodore. In my opinion I believe that at this point the Ducks should move a D-man, and allow Theodore to assume a more consistent role.

I would love to hear other fan’s opinions, so please feel free to leave a comment below!

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6 thoughts on “Do The Ducks Need To Make Another Trade?

  1. I think either Vatanen or Fowler should be moved to make room for Theodore. Not that I want to see either of those young guys get moved, but they would give us the most in return, and Theodore needs to be on the big club. The power play looks so much more, well, powerful with him in the lineup. As for Freddie, I certainly don’t want to lose him for nothing, but it might be better to hang on to him for the rest of the season. Of course, if a quality trade could be worked with him involved, I’d be all for it. Khubodin is a step down, no doubt about it, but Gibson should be able to play most of the games anyway.

    Of course, all this depends on how the Ducks do these next two weeks on the road.


  2. I think the Ducks absolutely need to make another move or two, and it needs to be of some significance. Although the trades a far look to have worked out, remember that Perron is a streaky player and if he goes cold after the deadline and no move has been made people are going to be furious that Bob didn’t make a move. I think trading a defenseman like fowler or Vatanen for a legitimate top 6 LW like Laad would do wonders for this team. We were 1 win away from the finals last year and now is the time to put all of the chips on the table to get there again.


  3. I believe better to try to trade Stoner, he doesn’t fit to well now and try to get another top 6 wing for the Stanley race. I wouldn’t trade Vatanen he is too important for this team and we have still Theodore and Holzer to fairly step in if someone gets injured. I doubt Maroon can produce any big numbers at the moment so if anybody takes this 2 It would be nice. I think Okposo should be worth a look he is UFA at the end of the season and to trade Maybe Maroon or Stoner for him would be a DEJAVU.


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