Anaheim Ducks Introduce The PK Horn


By Michael Walters

What is it? And where did it come from?

The Anaheim Ducks introduced a penalty kill horn or “PK Horn” last night as they took on the Winnipeg Jets. Fox Sports West’s Kent French explains what they are all about in this video:

Here is our video of it in use last night during the game. You can hear me blow the horn on it’s own and then you can hear the entire crowd in the background. It sounds similar to several bees or the vuvuzelas used at soccer games.

Our video of the horns and additional photos and videos were featured on a French website called “Balle Courbe” or Curve Ball in English. For more on the PK Horn visit: The Ducks And Their Special Whistle

Additionally one of my contacts with the Ducks advised those fans in attendance last night to please bring the horns to the playoff games. I will send out additional reminders when the playoffs start. They are also available for purchase in the Ducks Team Store at Honda Center if you weren’t at the game last night.

The Ducks also prepared the Honda Center ice for the playoffs today.

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One thought on “Anaheim Ducks Introduce The PK Horn

  1. I actually sent samples of this horn to The Ducks front office 10 years ago! I saw them when I was at the 2006 winter Olympics in Torino, Italy. I contacted the manufacturer and arranged to provide them to The Ducks. FYI, I was told Anaheim was not interested! Hmph! My samples were much, much louder! In fact, section 201 had them and we had a great time annoying the other teams with them!


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