Ducks Player Review: Clayton Stoner

Photo: USA Today, Sergei Belski

Photo: USA Today, Sergei Belski

By Drew Gumlia

It is difficult to write a player review for Clayton Stoner since his season was intermittently cut short by injury. In total, he played 50 games for the Ducks, including only one game in the playoffs. He had one goal, five assists, and a plus/minus of +4. His season was also marred by a licensing issue in regard to bear hunting in Canada.

I believe that Stoner did not live up to his performance from last season. After watching the Western Conference Final in 2015, I think it is fair to say that Stoner was one of the best defenseman on the ice for the Ducks in that series. He was big, physical, and effective. This season he didn’t quite appear to be the same and perhaps this was the result of his frequent hip injury.

The lack of Stoner, however, showed a flaw in the Anaheim Ducks roster. This flaw was is an apparent lack of physicality on the defensive line. When looking at the 2007 roster that won the cup, one can’t look past the obvious large defensemen. I believe that Stoner is an important player for the Ducks, akin to Chris Pronger and his no hold back approach to checking. Unfortunately, I think Stoner was a let down this season, not quite making the defensive plays and checks, and therefore I am giving him a C for this season’s performance.

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One thought on “Ducks Player Review: Clayton Stoner

  1. At his best last season, Stoner should not even be mentioned in the same breath as the Big Unit. Pronger was far better at clearing a crease. He was mean and vicious, and that made every forward spend at least ten percent of his time worrying about him.


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