Season Player Review: Brandon Pirri

Photo: Perry Nelson-USA Today

Photo: Perry Nelson-USA Today

By Jameson Bradley

Once upon a time Brandon Pirri played for the Chicago Blackhawks. He was traded to the Florida Panthers for a couple of draft picks and had a breakout season last year scoring 22 goals in only 49 games. The 2015-2016 season didn’t bode too well for him, so a trade was inevitable. The Anaheim Ducks traded for Pirri after only scoring 11 goals in 52 games. The Ducks gave up a 6th round draft pick, but potentially got a 30+ goal scorer in the making.

Although acquired in late February, Pirri didn’t make his Anaheim Ducks debut until March 16th because of injury. Pirri at one point had three goals in four games, but his goal total would be held there as he played nine games with the Anaheim Ducks before being dealt an upper body injury. Pirri did not appear in any of the Stanley Cup Playoff games. He would finish his season playing 9 games total with the Ducks, scoring 3 G and 2 A with a +/- rating of 0. Pirri’s style of play seems to be different than the direction that Anaheim moved to. He is a faster, more skilled skater than some on the team, and not as big as some of his line mates.

Unlike the other players on the Ducks, we never really got to see enough of Pirri to see if he was a great fit. Yes he had a great streak going, but three goals in four games, only to play five more and not score any isn’t a great indicator on a player. The rest of the Ducks squad had the entire season or most of it to show the team what they could do. In Pirri’s defense he didn’t have too much time to make an impact, or really any time at all to find his place in the club. If things weren’t already going to be complicated enough in the off season Pirri is added to the mix. Much like Jamie McGinn and some of the other lower line forwards, Pirri could provide the extra punch needed when the big boys aren’t producing enough.

But how much extra punch do you need before you are spending unnecessary funds on it? The money Anaheim doesn’t spend on Pirri could be added to sign another vital player to the club. But on the flip side, here is a guy who scored 22 goals in 49 games in the 2014-15 season. He has it in him, but I seem to have heard the same thing about Dany Heatley and some of the other trades the Ducks have made in the past.

Personally I am completely on the fence about this one. He played a great game when he was playing, but another injury prone player isn’t what we need. He does have the potential, but the real question is if that potential is going to be worth what Anaheim would have to pay him at the risk of not being able to sign another player. Nothing comes for free in the hockey world. All in all I give  Pirri a C+ for the season.

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  1. Same. He’s too big a question mark. Wouldnt mind seeing us offer him a million on a one-year deal to give him a better chance to show us what he’s capable of. Neither would I mind getting a low pick back for him, as he’s an RFA.


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