Vatanen Returns, But Who Else Will Join Him?

Photo: Omnisport

Photo: Omnisport

By Michael Walters

This past week the Anaheim Ducks made their first major re-signing of Sami Vatanen. The Ducks still have RFAs Frederik Andersen, Hampus Lindholm, Brandon Pirri, and Rickard Rakell left to re-sign. There are also several UFAs Anaheim has to consider.

Eddy Jones and I discuss Vatanen’s new contract and how GM Bob Murray may approach the remaining free agents. We discuss Murray’s comments in regard to trying to keep Andersen and Lindholm. We talk about the impact of Claude Lemieux being both Andersen’s and Lindholm’s agent, weighing the pro’s and con’s in terms of contract negotiations.

We address the trade rumors in regard to the goalies and defensemen, including the concerns of the fans as to who could possibly be leaving. In addition, we talk about the upcoming draft and the two AHL contract extensions of Joseph Cramarossa and Andrew O’Brien.

Thank you for the fan questions, they help make the show!

We dedicate this podcast show to all the dads out there. We hope you have a happy Father’s Day!

He is back for 4 more years! Get your shirt TODAY!

He is back for 4 more years! Get your shirt TODAY!

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2 thoughts on “Vatanen Returns, But Who Else Will Join Him?

  1. I am hoping that this signals that we’ll be spending to cap. I mean, it’s already going to be a weird year with a new coach (es?). Handcuffing ourselves further with a budget roster is pretty much a kiss-off for the season. Sign Fredo. Trade Gibson for a ton of assets, dig up another Dobby-level backup and lets go win some damn hardware. Division titles be damned.


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