Study: Ducks, Not Kings, Reign Supreme In LA Market

Photo: Reddit User MerelyAlex

Photo: Reddit User MerelyAlex

By Michael Walters

According to a Fan Experience Study performed by J.D. Power, the Anaheim Ducks rank the highest in fan experience in the Los Angeles Market.

The study measures customer satisfaction of major pro sports teams in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and New York across seven factors. They are in order of importance: seating area and game experience; security and ushers; leaving the game; arriving at the game; food and beverage; ticket purchase; and souvenirs and merchandise. Satisfaction is measured on a 1,000-point scale. Additional factors(not included in official ranking) that were measured were loyalty and future intentions; team performance (on-field); and team image.

The Anaheim Ducks ranked first in the four following factors: souvenirs and merchandise (862); seating area and game experience (841); security and ushers (834); and arrival at the game (795). The rest of the teams were ranked as follows: LA Galaxy (2nd), LA Lakers (3rd), Anaheim Angels (4th), LA Kings (5th), LA Clippers (6th), and LA Dodgers (7th). At the bottom of this article is the chart showing the rankings of all the professional teams in the Los Angeles market by total points.

Southern California Welcomes the Return of the Rams

After playing in Cleveland(1936-45), the Rams became the first NFL franchise in Los Angeles in 1946. The Rams left Southern California in 1995 for St. Louis and returned this year to Los Angeles. The Rams haven’t played a regular-season home game in California since 1994, but the fans are excited about their return as almost 90,000 turned out for their first preseason home game against the Dallas Cowboys this past weekend. The Rams won 28-24 after trailing by 17 points.

Even though the regular-season has yet to begin, Todd Gurley (12th), Case Keenum (17th) and Tavon Austin (18th) earned respectable rankings among the athletes in the city.

To view the complete study visit: J.D. Power 2016 Fan Experience Study

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