Parros To Assist NHL With Disciplinary Decisions

Photo: Jean-Claude Vera

Photo: Jean-Claude Vera

By Mike Walters

Today the NHL announced former Anaheim Ducks enforcer George Parros will join the NHL Department of Player Safety.

Parros played nine seasons in the NHL and will work from Las Vegas as part of the core group that helps handle disciplinary decisions within the department. Parros had this to say about the opportunity, “It’s an interesting opportunity to not only watch a lot of hockey and remain in the sport but kind of affect what’s going on in the sport in a way that things move forward. You’re trying to educate the players, and the thing that best suits me for the job is that I’ve played the game for a long time and played as physical as anybody else, perhaps more so, and never once got fined or suspended.”

On how Parros sees his role, he stated, “We don’t want to take any physicality out of the game but at the same time you want to make sure players are walking that line that I walked and that’s what interested me about the position. I don’t want to take any physicality out of the game but certainly, there are incidents that arise that can be preventable. So I do want to help educate the players, especially the young players entering the League. There’s a way you can play the game within the lines and I think I certainly did that.”

Parros played 474 total games over nine seasons, winning the Stanley Cup with the Anaheim Ducks in 2007. He spent the majority of his career playing in Anaheim for over five seasons. He also played for the Colorado Avalanche, Florida Panthers, Los Angeles Kings, and Montreal Canadiens. He had 36 total career points and 1,092 penalty minutes. Per HockeyFights, he had 158 regular-season fights on his resume. He also set a personal single-season high with 27 bouts during the 2010-11 NHL season.

He has been a fan favorite in Anaheim for his fighting ability, physical toughness, and of course his mustache. He retired from the NHL in December 2014 and now lives in Las Vegas.

Note: Quotes provided are from article Parros Joins NHL Department of Player Safety.

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