Rakell Hospitalized, WCH Preview

Photo: Sergei Belski, USA Today

Photo: Sergei Belski, USA Today

By Michael Walters

According to Aftonbladet.se, Anaheim Ducks Rickard Rakell had to be hospitalized due to the possible stomach flu and/or food poisoning. The Anaheim Ducks confirmed Rakell is experiencing a stomach virus and is still undergoing tests. On this week’s show, we discuss how this may affect his future participation in the tournament.

The World Cup of Hockey exhibition games have started and we give a preview of the tournament. We talk about the format of the tournament and analyze each group. We take a look at all eight teams, providing our thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of each. We discuss who we think will win each group and make it to the final round. Lastly, we talk about the Ducks players involved in the tournament and how they may perform.

This is our 100th show! Thank you for the support over the past couple of years! Your participation has helped make this show grow!

We recorded this show on September 11 and dedicate it to all of those affected by the events that day which occurred 15 years ago.

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