Consistency Is Key

Photo: Mark Humphrey, AP

Photo: Mark Humphrey, AP

By Michael Walters

The Anaheim Ducks saw the return of Hampus Lindholm this week on their road trip. The Ducks went 1-1-1 on the trip ending it with a blowout loss to the Nashville Predators. Of the 16 games the Ducks have played this season, seven of them have been either big wins or big losses.

On this show, we discuss how the Ducks have struggled with being consistent. We talk about the scoring disparity in some contests and how the Ducks can improve to avoid letdowns in any given period. We also look at the Ducks overtime woes, as they haven’t won in overtime so far this season.

In a surprise move to some, the Ducks placed Chris Wagner on waivers yesterday. We analyze this move and how it will impact the lineup. We also evaluate the Ducks current performance through the first 16 games of the season.

We answer several fan questions throughout this podcast, thank you as they help make the show!

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