Anaheim: Defensive Doubts?

Photo: Associated Press

Photo: Associated Press

By Michael Walters

This past week the Anaheim Ducks started a six-game road trip playing against Dallas, Boston, and Detroit. The Ducks went 1-2-0 and gave up 15 goals in just those three games. On this show, we talk about Anaheim’s issue with giving up goals in bunches. We analyze the play of the goalies and team defense recently.

With the trade deadline starting to appear on the horizon, we discuss trade rumors around the league. We look at possible players the Ducks may want to pursue and who they may be willing give up in a future move.

Last week it was announced that Ron Wilson had a stroke and was recovering. We provide an update on him while looking back at his days as the first head coach of the Mighty Ducks. We also look back at the rivalry between the Ducks and Red Wings as Anaheim played their final game at The Joe this past Saturday.

We answer several fan questions throughout this podcast, thank you as they help make the show!

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December 18, 2016