NHL Mascot Showdown 2017

Photo: USA Today

Photo: USA Today

By Michael Walters

This weekend the NHL All-Star game and skills competition will take place. Prior to the weekend’s festivities, Wild Wing and the rest of the NHL Mascot’s will have their own seven-part competition starting Friday.

This seven-part competition will allow all the Mascots to show their athletic prowess while entertaining fans of all ages. The best 4 out of 7 event winners will determine this year’s NHL Mascot Showdown Champion. Here is the schedule.

Thursday: LA Convention Center

7:00 PM NHL Mascot Introductions & warm-up session, followed by Broomball Exhibition.

Friday LA Convention Center (NHL Facebook Live)

7:00 PM Friday Showdown 2 events- Broomball, Dodgeball

Saturday: LA Convention Center

11:00 AM Saturday 2 Events-Accuracy Challenge, Relay Races
2:00 PM Saturday 2 Events- Musical Chairs, Dance Competition

Sunday: Staples Center (Streamed live on NHL.com and NHL App video player)

11:00 AM Sunday Ice Hockey Game (To decide it all)

The NHL Social Media schedule will start with NHL’s Facebook Live on Friday night. The game on Sunday will be streamed live on NHL.com and the NHL app. Throughout the three days, social media posts will be on NHL’s Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Keep an eye out for Wild Wing and these competitions! We’ll post reminders during the weekend!

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January 25, 2017