Anaheim: Cap Problems

Photo: Associated Press

Photo: Associated Press

By Michael Walters

The Anaheim Ducks came out of the All-Star break receiving some good news today. Jakob Silfverberg was at practice skating with contact and Nate Thompson was present as well after being loaned to San Diego for conditioning. Thompson is still listed on the Long-Term Injury Reserve, but when he officially comes back there will be cap issues for Anaheim.

Per, if Thompson is activated then the Ducks would have only about $200,000 left in cap space. On this podcast, we discuss some options which are available to Anaheim. The Ducks could send some a forward down to San Diego to create some breathing room. Anaheim could also look to trade a defenseman or even possibly Jonathan Bernier. The Ducks did recently sign Ryan Faragher and acquire Jhonas Enroth giving them six goalies in the minor league system(San Diego and Utah combined).

We also discuss the All-Star weekend activities, the NHL 100 Greatest Players list, and more!

We answer several fan questions throughout this podcast. Thank you as they help make the show!

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January 30, 2017


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  1. What would happen if Depres was no longer able to play? I hate saying that about any player for reasons he had to go out. Would they still have to pay his time until contracts over?


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