POLL: Will History Repeat Itself?

Photo: Chris Carlson, AP

By Michael Walters

The Anaheim Ducks are set to play another Game 7 in the playoffs. This time it will be against the Edmonton Oilers.

This is the fifth consecutive postseason where the Ducks will have played in a Game 7 at home in Anaheim. The Ducks are 0-4 in the four previous Game 7s, which include losses to Detroit(12-13′), Los Angeles(13-14′), Chicago(14-15′), and Nashville(15-16′). In each series, Anaheim was up 3-2 before dropping Game 6 on the road and then Game 7 at home.

Is History Against Anaheim?

Since Anaheim’s inception in the 1993-94 NHL season, the team has played in eight Game 7s. The Ducks are 2-6 in those games. They beat the then Phoenix Coyotes in their first playoff series ever in the 1996-97 post season. Anaheim also beat Calgary in the 2005-06 post season. Since that time the Ducks have lost the last five Game 7s. The game on Wednesday will mark the ninth Game 7 in franchise playoff history.

The numbers may be against the Ducks but don’t tell Randy Carlyle that. He wasn’t the coach for the last four Game 7 losses, it was Bruce Boudreau. Carlyle was asked about the last four Game 7 losses after the Ducks big Game 6 loss to Edmonton on Sunday. “I look at it as it’s not the same group,” Carlyle said. “I wasn’t here. So don’t pin any of the Game 7s on me. Simple as that. This is a different group.” Carlyle was the coach however when the Ducks lost in the 2008-09 playoffs to Detroit in Game 7. Carlyle also won Game 7 against the Calgary Flames in the 2005-06 playoffs, so he is 1-1 in Game 7s in Anaheim.

No matter who the coach or who the players were, the history and numbers are against the Ducks. This time around the question is how will this team respond to one of the worst playoff losses in franchise history? If the team is frustrated and down because of the loss, then Game 7 Wednesday may be a long night. If the team is angry and embarrassed about the loss, then they can use those emotions as fuel to close out this series.

What are your thoughts on the Ducks winning this Game 7?

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May 9th, 2017