Prospect Update: Deven Sideroff

Photo: San Diego Gulls

By Thomas Harrington

A third-round pick from 2015, Deven Sideroff just completed his third season as a member of the Anaheim Ducks organization. He split the season between the ECHL and AHL.

Sideroff started the season in the ECHL, playing for the Tulsa Oilers. He was called up to San Diego in November and was in and out of the lineup. He scored his first AHL goal of the season in his fourth game of the season in December. He played a total of 16 AHL games and scored two goals and four points. Three of those four points came in December, far and away his best month with San Diego. For the third straight season, Sideroff’s point total and games played total dropped. If the season had continued he might have surpassed what he did in the 2018-2019 season, but he also might have spent the rest of the year in the ECHL. With Tulsa, Sideroff played a total of 18 games and scored six goals and 12 points. He was injured in late February, ending his season.

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Sideroff fell below the expectations that I set for him a year ago. First, I wanted him to stay healthy and play in 50 games. He only played a combined 34 games between the AHL and ECHL. He’s struggled with injuries throughout his career and he’s never really had a chance to get consistent playing time as a result. My second expectation for him was to have a much better offensive season than his first two in the AHL. Well, he did score more goals with the Gulls than he did in the 2018-2019 season, but his four points were less. The numbers he put up in the ECHL were nice, but still not great.

I really only have one big expectation for Sideroff this season: stay healthy. He’s struggled with injuries throughout his professional career. Whether he’s in the AHL or ECHL, I’d just like to see him stay healthy and really get a chance to show what kind of player he is. I won’t put any numbers on him, just health.

Sideroff is a restricted free agent and he’s coming off of his entry-level deal. It’s unclear what Anaheim will do with him. First, they could decide to sign him to a two-way contract, likely for just a year. Second, they could decide to not qualify him and then get him on an AHL only deal. I think this would be Anaheim’s preferred route. They’ve done this in previous seasons with prospects who weren’t quite living up to expectations; in this situation, Anaheim can keep them in San Diego to help out there. Third, they could decide not to qualify Sideroff and let him sign elsewhere as a free agent. Normally, the decision to give Sideroff a qualifying offer would have been made in June. However, as with everything else, that deadline was pushed back.

The next prospect update will be on Simon Benoit.

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August 18th, 2020