Ducks N Pucks Staff



Founder/Owner/Editor – Michael Walters @DucksNPucks (CA)


Los Angeles & Orange County Based Writers

Tyler Alcalay @TylerDucks95

Brianna Conforti @breezymarie08

Tasha Florentz-Clift @bryght9

Garrett Funk @bringnthafunk

Thomas Harrington @ThomasEli

Daniel Lowry @wjcconcepts

Donovan Raitt @OC6stringsports

Adam Tenenbaum @adam_tenenbaum

Alex Valle @AlexValleANA

Philip Wunderlich @mighty_ducks9 


San Diego Based Writers

Bryson Breedlove @wildwing621

Cameron Martin @camrensandyego_

David Solis @SLIFER11278

Michael Wilson @TheBeleskey


United States at Large Writers

Adam Bess @adambess97 (TN)

Travis Risinger @T_Risinger27 (VA)

Tyler Tennell @tennell_owns (TX)

Tommy Tracy @tommygunn1127 (IL)


International Writers

Eddy Jones @eddyjones20 (London, Ontario, Canada) Also Podcast Co-host!

Timo Toivonen @tinke8 (Kiuruvesi, Finland)


Staff Photographer – Christine Perry (CA)

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